Saturday, February 25, 2012

Who is HAR-Vee

HAR-Vee is the name of our rig that Jean had christened it with. We actually spent some time trying to figure out what to name it and one day it was named HAR-Vee.

We purchased HAR-Vee in February 2009 from Mike Thompson's RV Super Store in Fountain Valley, CA.

HAR-Vee is a 2009 Fleetwood Tioga Ranger 29V Class C Motorhome. It has been our traveling motel for numerous trips over the pass few years. We have put some miles on it and we plan to put a few more.

Like all other RV owners we have made a few modifications to HAR-Vee. Here the list:

  • LED lights. I have now exchanged most of the original bulbs to LED lights. These lights draw only a fraction of the current and stay cooler than the original bulbs would have used.

  • TurboMaxx Fan and Vent. I read some where that if you have two ceiling fans going in opposite directions, it helps keep your interior cooler and minimizes the use of the Air Conditioner. The Maxx Vent covers also help to keep out the rain while having the vents open. 

  • Solar Panel Package from Discount Solar, Quartzsite Arizona. It has been about a year now when we installed a Solar Panel System. By having this system installed it opens us to more opportunities to find a place to stay. "The term boondocking, also known to RV enthusiast as dispersed camping, dry camping or coyote camping, is used to describe camping in the midst of nature without the use of commercial campgrounds and hookups."

  • Dinghy Tow Set-up. Awhile back we invested in purchasing a tow package from Camping World for my 2011 Jeep Rubicon. We bought the Roadmaster Falcon II All-Terrain Tow Bar, Tow Bar Bracket and Accessory Kit. Installation was part of the overall package. It turn out to be a good deal. I did search other local RV dealers for prices and Camping World out bid them. At the Quartzsite 2012 RV and Tent Show we also bought the RVi Brake system.

  • Mr. Heater, Model No: MH9BX - Portable Buddy. When we are not hooked-up to shore power, I try and find ways to conserve our house battery power. The heater fan in our rig uses a lot of power to keep it running especially during cold nights. My solution was buying the Portable Buddy. It can heat up an area up to 200 sq.ft., that's about what the inside of HAR-Vee is. The heater can run on a 1lb propane fuel canister for about 5-6 hours on its low setting.

To help me find information I refer to the internet. There is a lot of information on Motorhome travel, lifestyle, modifications and so on. I do have some favorite sites I like to go to when I need general or specific information

  • RV.NET, The  Official Blog of the Open Road. I get a lot of good information reading the RV forums.

Well there you have it. Now you know a little bit about HAR-Vee and some of the modifications we added. It's nice travelling with the comforts of home...

Here are some photos of HAR-Vee about...
Malibu Coastline

KOA Apache Junction, AZ - Feb 2011

Bitterroot Mountains, Montana - July 2011

Rose RV Park, Quartzsite, AZ 2012

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  1. Cool blog Frankie! And love the RV upgrade info. We definately will have to refer to you before buying ours.