Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is it worth it?

Since we started traveling in our Class C motorhome,  I was always wondering if it's a frugal way to go. Well, Jean takes notes on most of our trip expenses. When we travel together, both Jean and I share in some of the expenses, like fuel and food.

Our last trip was in Arizona, we visited El Dorado Hot Springs, my cousin in Peoria, friends Wickenburg, attended the Arizona Renaissance Faire, and then camped at Joshua Tree National Park, it was a 7 day trip in the rig.

We were out for 7 days and 6 nights and we only paid for a campsite in Joshua Tree National Park, the rest of the nights we parked our rig in driveways.

Back at home,  Jean totaled our expenditures for the Arizona trip and it was $888.58. Half of the cost was fuel - with a total of $427.69 for approximately 994 miles. So our joint cost for entertainment and food (including restaurants and Renaissance Fair tickets) was $460.89 . Given those totals our average for 7 days was $126.94 per day. Not bad, considering we had our home or our traveling home with us. On a given day we can easily pay $150.00 just for a hotel and that's not including fuel, food or entertainment.

If you search the internet, you will find articles about the pros and cons of RV travel. I've read them and it seem to me that the pros sure out weight the cons. Even with the added modifications and repair costs I dealt with, in my opinion traveling in an RV is still worth it.

For a short article on traveling with an RV follow the link...

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