Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quartzsite 2012

Quartzsite January 2012

We ended the month of January traveling to Quartzsite, AZ to attend the  RV and Big Tent show. Our camp was the Rose RV Park which is located not far from the main tent. Our Friends Ken and Susanne met us there when we arrived. By late afternoon we landed at the Quartzsite Yacht Club enjoy their happy hour. 

The next day I got up early to cook breakfast for our group. I cooked Biscuits in my Dutch Oven, made some Creamy Gravy and grilled some Brats. The biscuits came out great. Once  we finished breakfast we all walked over to the Big Tent and spent some time looking at all the vendors. One of the items we were looking for was a auxiliary braking system. Of course there were other items that we had in mind to purchase as well. 

My wife Jean, wasn't sure about the Quartzsite trip. When I told her it can get really crowed she gets the Heebie Jeebies. But in the end after 5 days of camping she actually had a fun time. She even went on a bike ride while we were in Quartzsite.

It was my second time coming to the RV show and again it was fun. So If all things work out, I'll be there for next year show 

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