Thursday, September 4, 2014

Coquitlam, BC or Bust

Okay, this adventure was by far my most interesting trip by RV, because I traveled from Thousand Oaks, California to Coquitlam, BC, Canada and back, logging approximately 2,667 miles in the FR3.

The reason for travelling to Coquitlam, was to attend the 2014 Annual Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Conference (PCAM) and to compete in their Stage category contest.  This post is not about the conference, but travelling in the ROMI (FR3) to and back from Canada.  On this trip I had the pleasure of a traveling companion, Raul Fernandez, a fellow magician from the magic club that I belong to. Jean could not get off work for the whole trip, but would later fly to Portland and meet us there.

Frank & Raul at the PCAM conference, Coquitlam, BC

The plan was that Raul would travel with me to Canada for the conference and then to Portland where he would catch a flight back home.  Jean would fly to Portland meet up with us at in Portland so that we could visit family and continue our vacation from there.

So on Monday, July 28, 2014, I met Raul at the Pacoima Plaza parking lot (located in the San Fernando Valley), around 6 a.m., and from there we would begin our adventure. This would be Raul's first time travelling in a Motorhome. Our destination for the first day of travel would be Corning, California.

While en-route on Highway 99 we made an important stop along the way. We stopped at Hocus-Pocus Magic, (located in Fresno, California) to see our friend Tim Mannix and have lunch with him. Of course we did buy some magic while we were there. It was good to see Tim, and it was a good break for us on such a long drive.

Raul, Tim and I in front of Hocus-Pocus Magic

Once we left Fresno, California, we continued up Highway 99 and eventually caught Interstate 5 near Sacramento, California. By 8 p.m. we made it to the Petro Truck Stop at Corning, California. Raul and I had a good dinner at the Iron Skillet, used their pay showers and settled in for the night at the Truck Stop.

I should mention that at most Truck Stops they allow Motorhomes to overnight with all of the other trucks as well. You can park, but don't set up your rig as if you are planning to camp there. They will let you stay as a long as you are an en-route traveler.  Be prepared - it can be noisy with all the Semi-trucks running their engines during the night. That evening it was hot and so I fired up the generator, turned on the air conditioner and we watched a little TV before settling in.

July 29th, Tuesday.  That morning we took our time setting off, because I had seen a truck wash and a CB Shop next door to the Petro Truck Stop, I wanted to wash the RV and get a CB radio.  After Raul and I had breakfast, I drove the RV over to the truck wash to get the RV washed. While the rig was being washed I made arrangements at the CB Shop to have a Cobra Classic 25 CB Radio and a Wilson 2500 watt antenna installed in the RV. This work would delay our departure time, but I got a good deal on the equipment and installation work. By 11:30 am the CB work was completed  and we were on our way, next overnight stop would be the KOA in Corvallis, Oregon.

The CB Shop

The CB sits to the left side of the driver seat.

As we headed up Interstate 5 we saw how the drought has affected our Northern lakes. Shasta Lake was way below normal and it really didn't look good. But once we climb over Siskiyou Pass we were well in the State of Oregon and there was water every where. The rivers were running and the lakes we passed were all full, boy what a difference.

By 7 p.m. we made it to our next destination, KOA, Corvallis, Oregon. Before we were going to head over to the campground and register, we wanted to pick up some dinner. We drove into the city of Corvallis and found  Rivas Taco's where we picked up our evening meal.

We registered at the KOA office, found our assigned site and settled in for the evening. The evening was cool so no air conditioner was needed.

July 30, Wednesday.  Raul and I were back on the road by 8 a.m. heading toward Seattle, Washington. Our next destination was a KOA located in Burlington, Washington.

While we were travelling through Seattle, we caught the evening commuter traffic. It was like being stuck in Los Angeles during rush hour. While we were inching our way down the road, I noticed a Cabela's Outfitters, so I suggest we spend some time there to allow the traffic to settle down. At Cabela's, Raul loved the place and he found some nice hiking boots and I picked up a new cold weather shirt.

After about two hours hanging at Cabela's we were back on the road and traffic was now flowing much better. By 8 p.m. we made it to the Burlington KOA and we set up camp again for the night. Tomorrow we were going to be heading into Canada.

Thursday, July 31st. Now what happens next while making our entry into Canada was quite an experience. Raul and I arrived to the border check point and we managed to entered  the Bus Lane. It was unclear at least to me where I was supposed to go, so we ended up in the Bus Lane.

When it was our turn to meet with the Customs Officers I drove up, stopped the RV and we got out. Once we completed our discussion with the officers, we jumped back into the RV, closed the door and I began to drive off when we hear a scraping sound. Now What!  It turned out that the electric steps failed to retract and they had hit a speed bump which caused the metal scraping sound.

Since I could not travel with the steps out, I began trying to find a spot where I could pull over. A customs officer flagged me over to a location after she pulled a couple of traffic cones out of the way. So I spent some time trying to locate a blown fuse, a loose wire or something keeping the steps from retracting. Nothing. So now I start making calls, first to Forest River with no contacts and then the dealer whom we bought the RV from (Mike Thompson). Finally a technician contacted me and all he could suggest to me was to dis-assemble the Cog and Motor plate from the steps. This would allow the steps to become free and then I would be able to tie the steps back.

After about 1 1/2 hours, I finally got the steps free and I tied them back with lots of zip ties (Zip Ties are great, keep lots of different sizes of them on your rig!). The Canadian customs officers were glad that I was finally out of their area (or hair) and we were too! Back on the road our next stop was the Executive Hotel in Coquitlam were the PCAM conference was to be held.

I should put in a plug about my GPS system. I'm sure glad that I have a nice system in the RV. It really helped me move around the roads while in Canada. One of the nice features about my Rand McNally  GPS, is that while in Canada the speed limit signs are in metric and the GPS displayed my speed in metrics along with U.S. speeds. It was so nice to have that feature while I was driving my rig on unknown roads.

Eventually we made it to the hotel and met up with my friend Dennis Chan. Dennis had offered up his driveway so I could park the RV there while I stayed at the hotel during the conference. So Raul and I dropped off our stuff, I then drove the RV to Dennis' house, parked it and took a taxi back to the hotel. The RV would now take a rest for a few days.

Dennis Chan is a member of the Vancouver Magic Circle

Monday, August 4th. The conference was over and Raul and I were up early that day, we caught a taxi and went to pick up the RV at Dennis' house. Dennis was there waiting for us and we loaded up the RV, said our good-byes to Dennis and we were now heading to the Canada - US border.

We made it to the border at about 10 a.m., and after a short inspection we were back on U.S. soil. It was a lot less stressful crossing back, because there were no mechanical issues to contend with, and we were now heading south to Jantzen Beach RV Resort, located on Hayden Island, Portland, Oregon. This was  the location that we were to meet up with Jean, who had already been in the Portland area for a few days.

By 4 p.m. Raul and I made it to the RV resort and I started setting up home for the next few days in the site we were assigned. Jean rolled in around 5 p.m. to the resort and brought in her stuff.  Once she settled in, she asked us how it went so far? With that statement -  Raul and I opened up with lots of information and we had plenty to share, so we order some Pizza and Beer to be delivered to our site as we all settled in for the evening.

Jean and I have stayed at the Jantzen Beach RV Resort before and we decided we would stay there again because it's a nice park ,and it's actually on an island sitting in the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon. There are also lots of amenities near-by that make it a nice place to stay.

Tuesday, August 5th. The plan that day was to link up with Jean's brother Joe and his girlfriend (Kay), go to Cannon's Rib Express Bar-B-Q joint, take Raul to the Airport and spend some time  visiting family.

It was a simple plan, but there would be several other side trips that day. We stopped at a Starbucks in the morning to have a cup of coffee and catch up on some e-mails using Starbucks free WiFi. We then made it over to Joe's place and took Raul (well actually all of us) to have some awesome Bar-B-Q at Cannon's Rib Express .  Once we had our fill of good food we then took Raul to the airport, dropped him off and said our good-byes.

Jean and Raul on their computers checking e-mails at Hayden Island Starbucks...Portland, Oregon

I believe this is the Best Place for good Bar-B-Q!

With Mr. Wayne Cannon - Pit Master, Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, August 6th. Raul was now back home and it was now Jean and I staying at the RV resort. After some breakfast at a local establishment, we headed over to Joe's home again where we would go with them to the Portland Japanese Garden. At the garden, we would meet up with Max (Nephew) and his family for a little visit and some exploration. At the gardens we walked the grounds enjoying a peaceful time at such a beautiful place. I highly recommend visiting the gardens if you are in the Portland area.

Since Max was going to host a Bar-B-Q later that day, they took their leave from the gardens and headed home. So I suggested that we go to Powells Books to spend a little time there before we went over to Max's. It did not take a lot of arm twisting to convince the others that going to the bookstore would be a good idea and Joe was now heading to  Powell's Bookstore. Located in downtown Portland, this was another added side trip to our visit in Portland. This particular bookstore is a whole city block big, with tons of used and new books. I could have spent hours there, but they only gave me 1 1/2 hours to roam through the store. I did manage to find a few good book deals during my allotted time!

That evening we had a fun Bar-B-Q at Max's, but we eventually needed to leave so we could take the rental car that Jean had rented back to the Portland Airport. Joe followed us to drop off the car and then brought us back to the RV. Joe stayed for a while, then headed home saying good bye to his sister and me.

Thursday, August 7th. It was now time to begin our trip South and say good-bye to the Portland area. Our plan was very loose, we would travel South until I got tired of driving. Well after a long day behind the wheel we made it to the Win River Casino, just South of Corning, California.

The Win River Casino has a small RV park located on the Casino grounds. The sites are all positioned on top of a concrete parking lot with curb dividers. You do get Water, Electrical and Sewage for $26 a night. We did not mind the arrangements since we had a place to stay and to have dinner. Having the shore power that evening was a deal. The outside temperature that evening was in the high 90's, so on went the air conditioner to make it tolerable for the rest of the night.

Friday, August 8th. That morning we were back on the road and hoping to find a place to stay on Friday night somewhere near Santa Maria, California. The reason we wanted to overnight somewhere near Santa Maria was to try and meet up with the Simi Valley Elks Happy Wanderers who were camping at the Santa Barbara  Elks Lodge.

Well we were not able to find a spot near Santa Maria, but we did manged to get a site at Refugio State Park, just 12 miles from the Santa Barbara Elks Lodge. We really lucked out on this site, but we were glad. It was a beautiful night in Refugio State Park, we even took a short walk along the shore line listening to the waves break and the moon shining on the ocean water.

Our campsite at Refugio Sate Park

Refugio State Park , Southern California

Saturday, August 9th. It was about 10 a.m. when we arrived to the Santa Barbara Elks Lodge where our camping club was staying. Our intention was just to stop by for a short visit but we manged to get a spot for the night. The camp host  at the Elks Lodge campground, was also one of the Elks officials and he made arrangements for us to park our rig that night so we could hang out with the club.

So our return date was delayed, but Jean and I were not worried since home was only 1 hour away. We had a fun time with our camping club friends at the Santa Barbara Elks lodge. I even did a little magic for the group.

Our site at the Santa Barbara Elks Lodge

EL Boro the Magician made a special appearance at the Simi Valley Elks Camping Club Pot Luck Dinner, Santa Barbara Elks Lodge, Goleta, California
For more on  the Simi Valley Elks Happy Wanderers August report tap the link...

Sunday, August 10th. Finally it was time to set our course for home and put ROMI away. We got home early enough to put our stuff away and relax the rest of the day.

What a great trip, other than the steps dis-functioning, I had a great time traveling in our FR3 to Canada and back...2,667 miles! Wow!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mugu Beach with the Elks

Once again I took on the job (Wagon Master) to organize another camping trip for the Simi Valley Elks camping club. This trip was scheduled for Pt. Mugu State Park at Mugu Beach.  The camp-out was schedule for July 7 - 11, 2014. We had 13 rigs that made it out for the camp-out.

Mugu Beach, Pt. Mugu State Park
I have attached the a link to the camping report on the trip rather than rewriting it all over again. Enjoy!

Yes, another excuse to bring the Smoker...Tri-tip anyone?

We have a patriotic crew...

Joshua Tree National Park

I sure love the desert!
Well, as I enter this post I realize how far behind I am with all the trips we have had. In April  (3-6, 2014) we linked up with some friends at Joshua Tree National Park for a great weekend of camping. We stayed at Black Rock Canyon Campground, near Yucca Valley, which became our base for several adventures while exploring new country in the Park.

Our camp at Black Rock Canyon, JTNP

Our friends Don and Lynn Buck also brought Lynn's Mom Maria on the trip. One day I took the gang on a off-road Jeep adventure on the Geology Trail. Lynn's Mom, Maria said she has never experienced going off road in the desert and truly enjoyed the ride, even if it was a little bouncy.

Good day for a drive...

Jean, Lynn and Don...where's Maria?

I should also mention that it was a great flower season in the park.

One of the days I took off on my own and drove through some new country I have not explored in before. One road took me to Eureka Peak which  I hiked to a few years back. I did not know that there was a road to the peak...

Eureka Peak, elevation 5516 ft
View North from the Peak looking toward Black Rock Canyon

So once the summer heat starts to decline I'm heading back for some more desert camping!

Pechanga RV Resort

Well, time sure flies when you're having fun. I'm going to keep this blog short because I'm so behind on posting. For the weekend of March 14 - 16th, I took the RV to Pechanga RV Resort to camp with my Brother Patrick who was celebrating his Birthday.

I must admit it's a very nice RV Resort next to a Casino. I plan to go back again sometime in the near future.

At our site, Pechanga RV Resort

Information on Pechanga RV:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Camping with the Elks

About a year and half ago I joined the Simi Valley Elks and became a member of their camping club know as the "Happy Wanderer". Every second Tuesday of the month we have a monthly meeting to discuss current Elks and club business affairs and to go over the current camping scheduled for the next few months. Jean and I have managed to participate in a few of the scheduled camp-outs;  like Newport Dunes and Santa Barbara.

Well it was finally my time to step up to the plate and become a Wagon Master. So I organized a camp-out at Leo Carrillo State Park. I contacted the Sector office and pulled a special event permit for us to dry camp at the North Beach day use area for a few nights in February.

When the time came to go camping, I had 13 rigs make the outing. Everyone who attended had a great time and the weather was outstanding.

For a quick story hit the link

Nice sunny day for the Elks campers


early morning coffee and Bloody Marys

Enjoying the view

Special Ranger talk was enjoyed by the Elks campers

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Arizona Renaissance Festival 2014

A most unusual renaissance entertainer

It was that time of  year again for Jean and I to take our annual trip to Apache Junction, Arizona to attend the Arizona Renaissance Festival and Pleasure Feast. This particular trip has been going on now for about twelve years since we first discovered the Festival during a visit to Phoenix, Arizona.

As always, we manage to spend our first night of the trip at Chiriaco Summit so that we can casually drive into Arizona the next day. This stop over seems to work for us since Jean does not get home from work until around 6:30 p.m., leaving later that evening allows us to get through traffic and closer to Arizona. Once Jean gets home we collect our last minute items, jump into the RV parked near the house and head off toward Chiriaco.

As I have mentioned before, Chiriaco Summit is basically a trucker stop east of  Indio along Interstate 10, here they allow you to overnight if you are travelling through. What I like about staying at the Summit, is we can get breakfast at the Cafe before we hit the road to our next destination. Because there are plenty of truckers that overnight at the stop, the meals are substantially filling and at a good price.

Breakfast time at Summit Cafe
While eating I looked out a window and noticed there was a small Post Office next door. So after we finished breakfast we went outside to go look at the Post Office. It was closed, but it is an official and working Post Office catering for the local folks that live near the summit. I really like the way they have decorated the outside giving it a true old time desert feeling.

Chiriaco Summit Post Office

Just in case you need an address

Well, after our breakfast and exploring it was now time to head off toward Arizona. At 55 -60 miles per hour we crossed over into Arizona around 11 am - Arizona time. The first thing I wanted to do when we crossed over the Colorado River (State Line) was give the RV a bath, and I remembered that they had just opened a Truck and RV Wash next to the Flying J truck stop. At the truck wash the RV got a good wash for about $1.25 ft or $39. I don't remember the name of the truck wash business, but you can't miss it as you will see the Flying J on your south side when entering Arizona.

Back on the road, Jean and I both agreed that we really enjoy driving through the desert and being sure that when we do travel, we are not in any kind of  hurry. Yes I do plan out our trips, time elements of travel and locations we will be staying at in advance to assure our adventures will be with minimal issues. And yes, at times incidents or problems do arise, but if you do good planning it only prepares you  to handle them when they do materialize. Having a good GPS unit, access to internet maps (like Google Maps), planning tools (like Good Sam trip planning tools), scheduled maintenance of your rig and so on, only make your travels that much more hassle free when you are on the road.

By 3 pm our next stop was going to be at my Cousin Louie's place for a visit. If we are in the area we will always stop by and spend some time with him and visit. At Louie's we went out for dinner that evening  at Gordon Biersch and had breakfast (Menudo) the next day at a the Peoria Cafe in Peoria, Arizona. After an enjoyable breakfast and visit, we said our good-byes and headed off to our next stop - Cabela's Outfitters for a little shopping.

Rolling Magic's first visit at Cabela's
 At Cabela's we spent about two and half  hours walking the floors looking at all the merchandise they have to offer, but it was now time for us to move on. We know that we will be back again and yes we did manage to find some items to buy while we were in the store.

Our drive from Cabela's to Apache Junction went exceptionally well, with light traffic on the interstate. We arrived at the KOA within an hour. At the KOA the folks inside registered us and guided us to our RV site. The staff at the KOA were all very helpful and friendly folks. We even had a nice site assigned to us while we stayed there. This was going to be home for the next two nights in Apache Junction.
Those are the Superstition Mountains in the background

Our site
Tucked in with nice desert plants surrounding us

Clever sign at the KOA

Sunday, February 9th - Renaissance Festival Day!
Alright, it was now time to Garb Up (get into costume) for the Renaissance Festival and to look forward to having a fun day. Our friends Susanne and Ken were going to pick us up at our site and take us to the festival. Susanne and Ken for the last four years have been joining us at the festival and pleasure feast. They come from Wickenburg, Arizona where they stay to avoid the winters in Montana where they are from. 

The drive to the Festival is a few miles from our campground on Highway 60. At the festival location parking is free but they do have an admission for entering. Jean buys our tickets well in advance so we can get the combined Festival and Feast deal.

Once inside it was my job to plot out our activities for the day, which also includes the feast. This year we managed to see some new entertainers besides some of our favorites. We decided it takes at least two days to be able to catch enough of the goings on at the Festival, so next year we are going to plan on a two day visit. The Arizona Renaissance Festival offers so much to see from great entertainment, plenty of food merchants, artisans and more!

New act - Barely Balanced, Comedic Daredevils

Clan Tynker - family circus, all time favorite

Yes, let's not forget the refreshments

Being a Pyrate is a tough job!

Jean managed to find an English Lord...

Time travel is encouraged...
It was another great and fun day at the Arizona Renaissance Festival and Pleasure Feast. At the feast we had a wonderful five course meal, raucous revelry and entertainment, plenty of beverages (beer and wine), and a souvenir special edition feast goblet to take home and add to our collection. We ended our day watching the Joust  Tournaments at the King's arena.

Our friends Susanne and Ken delivered us back to our RV, said their goodbyes leaving us to complete the night relaxing under the Arizona sky. We went to bed early because I wanted to have a really early start on Monday morning to beat the work day commute on the Phoenix freeways. By 5 a.m.Monday morning Arizona time we were up and packing away our stuff to prepare to travel. By 5:30 we were on the road and making good time moving through the Phoenix area. Once we manged to blow by the early commuter traffic we stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant for breakfast (a must for Jean). After breakfast we were now on the road heading home and starting to think about our next RV adventure...


Info Arizona Renaissance Festival

Cabela's Outfitters

KOA campgrounds

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quartzsite 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014. Well I safely arrived home from my trip to Quartzsite, Arizona to attend the Annual RV Tent Show. It was another fun time RV camping under the Arizona Skies, even though I did spend some money on gadgets for the Rig.

Yes I did purchase some useful items, like a 90 watt portable solar panel and 14 LED lights, plus a few other items.

The new solar panel at work...

Got the panel from Off the Grid, Surprise, Arizona

However, let's start at he beginning of my trip. My dear wife Jean was unable to go with me on this trip so it was a solo adventure until I got to The Rose RV campground in Quartzsite. Wednesday was my first day of travel, first off I had to stop in Azusa for some personal business, but later that day I was going to meet my cousins Tony, Patsy and her husband at the Islamorada restaurant located at the Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga for dinner.

After an enjoyable dinner and visit with my cousins it was now time to go and make my first destination on the trip - Chiriaco Summit.

I have mentioned this location in several other of my posts. It now seems to be a tradition to always over-night at this place. In the morning I had breakfast at the cafe and I was again on my way toward Quartzsite, Arizona.

First stop of the trip...
Thursday, January 23, 2014. It was around 10:30 a.m. when I arrived in Quartzsite and I stopped at the Pilot Truck stop for fuel. While I was filling the RV's tank with gas I decided I would take a shower at the truck stop. It cost me $12 dollars for a shower, but the stall was roomy, I got a bar of soap, a bath towel and a wash cloth to help me freshen my day!

With gas in the rig and a clean me, I headed over to The Rose Campground to set up camp for the next few days. I was expecting my old chief ranger Ken Smith to arrive later that afternoon with his trailer.

By 1 p.m., Ken had arrived and our camp was set. No sooner were we sitting back and relaxing when the Quartzsite Fire Department arrived to extinguish a trailer fire...

Quartzsite Fire Dept in action!
The cause of the fire was the generator...

What was interesting about this fire, just last week I was helping to put out a trailer fire, I hope this not some kind of omen. Any who, that evening Ken and I were invited over to dinner at some of my Elk's Lodge friends camp at another part of Quartzsite. We were glad that we went, Bill Sears from Simi Valley cooked up some awesome Pork Chop Steaks that evening and they were delicious! That was a great way to spend my first night in Quartzsite.

Rolling Magic at camp, The Rose Campground

Friday, January 24, 2014. It was the RV Big Tent Show day! What's nice about staying at The Rose campground is the close proximity to the Big Tent. In the morning we started by having breakfast at the Bad Boys Cafe. Once we finished with breakfast we headed over to the Big Tent to see what was going on. Well I managed to find all the items that I was looking for and them some. On the list was LED lights, a 90 watt solar panel, some cleaning supplies and a new sign for the rig.

By the early afternoon Ken and I were back at camp waiting on Ken's wife Susanne who was due in around 3 p.m. The plan was to go meet up with the Simi Valley Elks group at Silly Al's for Pizza and Beer. By 3:30 p.m. all three of us met up again with the Simi Elks and enjoyed Pizza and Beer with them all. It was good that Susanne was our designated driver cause Ken and I were feeling no pain. That evening after a short nap, we had a campfire under the Arizona night.

Saturday, January 25, 2014. Well since Susanne need to go check out the Big Tent, we started off again having breakfast at the Bad Boys Cafe and walking over to the Big Tent. We left Susanne there so she could shop without us distracting her and Ken and I went to the other side of the street where the Tyson Wells swap meet vendors were.

You can basically find almost anything you need here...

By 1 p.m., it was time to go find Susanne at the Big Tent, but Ken and I got distracted. We decided it was time to get a beer as we were walking by Beer Belly's. As we entered Beer Belly's we manged to find a place to sit down, enjoy the music and beer. Ken called Susanne to meet us there because we were not moving!

Nah, how can you bypass a jumping place like this?

Susanne finally found us at Beer Belly's and she showed us all the stuff she picked up at the Big Tent. There was a solo Country Singer/Musician (I think he called himself "Smokin' Joe) playing away to the crowd at Beer Belly's. In fact the singer/musician was so good Ken and Susanne got up to dance to his music. At last, we need to head back to camp because it was my turn to cook dinner for us.

My two stepping friends...

Finally back at camp, we settled in and relaxed for a while till it was time for me to start preparing dinner.
I was going to cook a meal using my "CanCooker" for Ken and Susanne. The ingredients were Corn, Carrots, Celery, Baby Potatoes, Onion, can of Tecate Beer and a link of Beef Kielbasa. By 6 p.m. dinner was ready and the campfire was on.

In goes the beer...

 It was my last night in Quartzsite before the drive back home. It was a nice trip and now I'm back already making plans for our next road trip. I should also mention that in Saturday I saw two friends of ours Francesca Puccio and Craig Crowell at Quartzsite who were visiting family that live there. Talk about a small world, that was a surprise to meet them there!

With my friend Francesca at Tyson Wells, Quartzsite. Photo taken by Craig Crowell