Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ferry Ride

Well better late than never...where did the time go? It's been almost two and half months since we took our two week adventure to the Northern States of Washington and Oregon with no additional post. Now come on, I can do better than that.

So here was my highlight of the trip...the Tioga Ranger got to go on a Ferry ride across the Puget Sound. On the last day of our stay at Port Angeles, we headed to Bainbridge Island to catch a Ferry across the Puget Sound to disembark in the city of Seattle.

Prior to arriving at the Ferry terminal, I called a few days earlier to be sure that a motorhome can travel in the ferry. It was a yes, they said, we can handle your rig with no problem. That was great to hear! So I looked at our travel maps for the best route to Bainbridge and then confirmed it with my GPS unit.

On August 2, it was time to point the rig toward Bainbridge Island and catch the ferry! By 1:00 pm we made it to the terminal area where we would wait for the 1:30 pm ferry.
Look Mom no road!

I know if you live in this neck of the woods it's probably no big deal using ferries, but I'm from Southern California and this is a new experience for me traveling in a large vehicle. So with no prior knowledge, I was glad that it all worked out and it save us 2 hours of additional travel time in the long run.

Tioga Ranger crossing the Puget Sound

The cost to travel across the Sound was only $57. and only took 30 minutes to get to Seattle from Bainbridge.