Sunday, April 15, 2012

Borrego Springs, CA

It was Friday night near the Borrego-Palm Canyon Campground at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park when the Storm hit us. The wind and rain lasted till Saturday morning, but our motorhome provided us with a comfortable shelter that evening.
Saturday morning I got up and stepped out of the motorhome to begin work for our departure home, when I was pleasantly surprised to see a dust of snow on top of San Yasidro Peak.

That scene reminded me of the years I had spent living in Borrego Springs. It was good to have one more visit before the summer heat made it appearance. I had spent 8 1/2 years assigned to Anaza-Borrego Desert State park as a patrol ranger. The desert landscape, the quiet surroundings of the desert had become an influenace in my spiritual mind set. The desert will always be a special place for me.

I was visiting in Borrego Springs because I was instructing a Wildland Firefighter course for park staff. It was a chance for me to visit friends while I was there. Our Class C rig was our home during the stay.

On a side note - Jean wanted me to also mention a camping item we use alot when we travel. It is the Coleman Stove Top Coffee maker. We have had this coffee maker for a long time and it really makes a great 10 cup pot of coffee.

We first saw this coffee maker at a Trail Days event campout. Our friend Rich Pinder was using one and of course it caught our interest. So first chance we had I found one and bought it.

Well when your camping, electricity is a rare commodity, but the coffee maker sits on top of your stove top and brews coffee for you.

You can find the Coleman Stove Top Coffee Maker at Traget, Basspro, Cabel's, Walmart or many other campin sporting good stores. It's easy to use and only require heat from your stove to work.

Coffeemaker: Camping Coffeemaker (Model No. 5008C700) Quick Specs• Drip-brews coffee, just like your coffeemaker at home
• Use it to make hot cocoa, hot cider or instant soup too
• Removable swing-out filter basket
• Solid steel base
• Easy pour decanter
• Brewing pause-n-serve feature
• Works with 2- and 3-burner camp stoves

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Anaheim RV Village

This Easter weekend Jean and spent it at Anaheim RV Village, a hop, skip and jump from Disneyland, California! The RV park is about 1/2 mile from the main entrance to the park and Disney Town, which is perfect for walking.

The folks at the RV park are friendly and helpful. The facilities are well kept and the restrooms and showers are clean.

 "We are not content with merely offering another camping venue; our commitment is to become the quality RV Park & Campground leader in the Anaheim area. We truly do offer the best of all worlds – location, facilities, service, and value. Until now, consumers have had few options when visiting the Anaheim area attractions – but that's all changing!"

However, one of the bonus staying at the RV park is being able to see the Disneyland fireworks! Right at our site we were able to catch the firework show.

The fireworks show was very impressive that evening.

You can learn more about Anaheim RV Village by viewing their website at:

Friday, April 6, 2012

RV Blog

I follow the RV.Net site when I want to research information on RVing or I just want find out whats going on in the RV world. I currently subscribe to several threads about Dutch Oven cooking, modifications, post your campsite photos and so on. There are tons of subjects people are chatting about. Just open the RV forum link and explore, I recommend this site.

The RV.Net Forum is the most comprehensive source of RV News & Information about your RV, Camper, Motorhome, Trailer and Fifth Wheel as well as RV related information on Camping in State Parks, National Parks and Campgrounds across North America

My username is: Tioga Frank

Included in this site you will find the following link, Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Back in January (2012) at the Quartzite's RV Show we had purchased an auxiliary braking system for the Jeep Rubicon. At the show we looked at several other dealers and we went with the RVi Brake system.

The individual who was selling and demonstrating the system was the owner and son of the person who had developed the Brake Buddy system. He said that his father broke away from Brake Buddies and design the RVi Braking system.

Both Jean and I were impress with the operation and compact design of the system. So we bought one.

Today (April 4, 2012) I installed the Breakaway system in preparation for a week long trip coming up.

I followed the instructions and hooked up the RVi Brake system for a test. Well it did what it was supposed to do and soon we will be taking it on the road.

Actually the whole installation process was a snap. The hardest part was locating a place to run the wiring from the Brakeaway control box through the Jeep's firewall. To my surprise there was a spot made for such a need.

After we come back from our trip, I'll report on how the RVi Brake works.

Here is some basic information to find out about RVi Brake.

Here are some facts about RVi Brake:
  • One touch Auto Positioning
  • No pushing against soft seats
  • Two-thirds smaller
  • Proportional braking
  • Works both with Vacuum and Active brakes
  • It only weights 10 lbs