Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well better late and never. Here is a trip we took with the Tioga Ranger in the early part of June. Jean and I attended the Big Bear Valley Pirate Faire in the community of Fawnskin, California. It was a two day fair where I perfomred 3 shows both days. We had a lot of fun and linked up with some of our faire friends.

The organizers lets us set up camp next to the venue under tall pine trees. It's a nice place that we park the Tioga to set up our camp. It's classic boondocking for a few of days.

Our cmapsite
 Our plan was to arrive early on Friday and leave Monday morning so we can take adavantage of camping in the mountains. Our camp is close enough to the community of Fawnskin so if we need some supplies there is a small store and resturants nearby.

I have been performing for the Big Bear Valley Reanissance Society for a few years for their Pirate and Renaissance Faires. I will be perfoming again the last weekend of the Renaissance Faire 2012. Come on out and support the non-profit organization.

Here are a few pic from the Pirate Faire...

El Feo the Buccaneer performing fun magic

Our crew preparing for Pirate battle...

Yes, we even had Belly Dancer at the Faire...