Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Back in January (2012) at the Quartzite's RV Show we had purchased an auxiliary braking system for the Jeep Rubicon. At the show we looked at several other dealers and we went with the RVi Brake system.

The individual who was selling and demonstrating the system was the owner and son of the person who had developed the Brake Buddy system. He said that his father broke away from Brake Buddies and design the RVi Braking system.

Both Jean and I were impress with the operation and compact design of the system. So we bought one.

Today (April 4, 2012) I installed the Breakaway system in preparation for a week long trip coming up.

I followed the instructions and hooked up the RVi Brake system for a test. Well it did what it was supposed to do and soon we will be taking it on the road.

Actually the whole installation process was a snap. The hardest part was locating a place to run the wiring from the Brakeaway control box through the Jeep's firewall. To my surprise there was a spot made for such a need.

After we come back from our trip, I'll report on how the RVi Brake works.

Here is some basic information to find out about RVi Brake.

Here are some facts about RVi Brake:
  • One touch Auto Positioning
  • No pushing against soft seats
  • Two-thirds smaller
  • Proportional braking
  • Works both with Vacuum and Active brakes
  • It only weights 10 lbs

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