Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well here I go - Blogging

As I progress in my use of the computer, it made sense that I should create a Blog. So here is, my Blog. To begin with, I've supposedly been retired since March 2005, but I seem to be busier now than when I was working full time. I work part-time, I perform as a magician at Pyrate Faires, Renaissance Faires, family events and parties. But I also like to travel in our Motorhome.

We have a Fleetwood Class C 2009 Tioga Ranger 29V and it has several modifications to it. The biggest modification was the Solar Panel system we had installed. That really makes a difference when we are dry camping.

Part of the reason I created a Blog was to begin posting our Motorhome trips and adventures. I believe by sharing these stories with friends and anyone else, they may gain some insight to our country or information on planning a similar trip. I for one make an effort to visit other blogs and read their stories, which help me plan our outings.

It is my intention to at least post a story or some kind of article once a week. I know that I will be busy the next few months and plan to post those advetures.

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