Friday, February 17, 2012

Arizona Trip II - Part I

After work from Pepperdine University I quickly headed home to get Jean and our gear for our next trip to Arizona. By 5:15 p.m. we were on the road heading east toward Arizona.

What made this exit unique was we were not sure where we were going to stay that evening. My first thought was to overnight at a Flying J in the city of Thousand Palms, Ca., but when we arrived that evening we decided it was too bright and noisy for us. So we continued on till we reached Chiriaco Summit on Interstate 10.

Chiriaco Summit, to our surprise, was a truck stop over and there was free dry camping. Yes, that's where we decided to spend the night. Before long we settled in until the next day.

By 6 a.m. I was up and ready to take my desert sunrise picture for the day. Because Chiriaco Summit is a truck stop there was a nice resturant for us to have breakfast.

I should mention that this is also the location for the George Patton Museum. So if you are passing through the area, you should at least plan to stop to visit the Museum.

After breakfast we were on Interstate 10 heading eastbound to Peoria, Arizona.

As we were getting close to Buckeye, Arizona, the community of Tonopah, Arizona was in view. I had mentioned to Jean that I had read about some Hot Springs that were there. So before Jean said "no way" I was getting off the exit for Tonopah.

Findng the Hot Springs was easy. It was really close to the exit and we were able to park our RV nearby to explore the site.

The Hot Springs are known as El Dorado Hot Springs. Take exit 94 off the I-10, to get you there. The address is 41225 W. Indian School Road.

The site is located above a subterrainean hot spring. The operators boast the the hot spring is pure, odorless, and tastless mineral water.

The word Tonopah means "hot water under the bush" in the local Native American language.

One of the employees gave us a short tour of the site and we decided that we wanted to have a soak. For 20 dollars we had a private tub for an hour and it was a nice relaxing break during our drive to Peoria.

The hour went quick and both Jean and I were ready to finish our trip that day. It turned out to be a fun drive that day with a great side stop at El Dorado.

The photo above is a sign you see as you exit  El Dorado Hot Springs.

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