Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rolling Magic, our new motorhome!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho it's a new chapter in our RV adventures we go. Yes I been absent for awhile not posting because 2013 has just been crazy! Yes we had some camping trips that I did not post, but yes we did do some travelling

One trip I want at least mention was that  I attended the 2013 Burning Man event at Black Rock City with the Tioga.

The Tioga did a great job helping us live comfortably in the Nevada Desert during our stay at Black Rock City.  The whole Burning Man experience was awesome! I went with two friends and made a few more while I was there. I highly recommend that you attend the Burning Man Event at least once in your life.

My Burning Man buddies Jennifer and Liz

Any way in October Jean and I went to the Southern California RV Show at the Pomona Fairplex to go look at all the new RV's at the show. Jean wanted to go with me to be sure I was not going to buy another new rig, but the plan changed.

I wanted to go to the show to go look at a motorhome that I was interested in, but when I looked at it I was not satisfied on what I saw. So we went to the Mike Thompson RV section at the show to see what they had there. One of sales persons from Mike Thompson had suggested a model that we should look at.

It was the Forest River FR3 30DS Class A Motorhome. Well we started to examine the outside and then the inside and we discovered that it had a floor plan we really liked plus it had all kinds of additional options included.

We sat inside it for awhile and really felt good. It was very comfortable and it just seem to fit. We looked at each other and said let's get it, and before we knew it we were signing papers and became the owners to a new motorhome.

On November 2, Jean and I traveled to Mike Thompson to go pick up our new motorhome and turn in the Tioga Ranger as trade. After a few more changes on the paperwork we were on the road heading home with our new FR3!

We call our new rig Rolling Magic or Romi, and we are looking forward to future camping trips with our FR3.

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