Monday, January 28, 2013

10-4 Good Buddy...

I have been wanting to install a CB radio in our motorhome for some time and I finally installed a Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio on Saturday, January 17th. I selected the 75 WX ST because it's an all inclusive compact-remote mount radio, with the expected 40 channels, Cobra patented SoundTracker noise reducer, 10 NOAA National Weather channels and scanning capabilities all within the handset. It takes very little room and it is easy to use, even when you're driving. For more information on the 75 WX ST CB radio I suggest you  go to the COBRA link:

Overall, the radio installation work went well, but the antenna is another story.

It turns out that in order to mount or install an antenna on a fiberglass body, you need to acquire a No Ground Plate (NGP) kit in order for the CB Radio to work properly. Go figure, after I went to a local Off-Road shop purchasing a really nice 4 foot Firestik Antenna, 3-way mounting bracket and 18 feet of heavy duty CB radio cable,  none of that stuff was going to work because it was not NGP.

However, I did manage to locate and buy a Midland glass mount antenna (18-258)  for the time being until I can order a NGP kit. The glass mount antenna was attached to the Overhead Bed left window, and the cable from the antenna to the radio was easily hidden. The nice thing about this antenna installation was - no holes were drilled into the body of the motorhome. The only bummer about the antenna it is short which reduces the capabilities of receiving at long distances. I did try it with another CB radio close by and the reception was good. Soon we will be going on a trip to Quartzsite, Arizona and hope that I pick up some CB traffic on the Highway.

If you are wondering what NGP antennas look like, here is a pic and a link. I should mention that there are other brands out there beside Firestik.

Cobra radio mounted on dash board
Antenna mounted on RV above drivers side

• Warn of traffic tie-ups ahead.
• Provide weather and road information.
• Provide help fast in event of emergency or breakdown.
• Suggest good spots to eat and sleep.
• Make long trips more interesting, and help keep you awake.
• Provide direct contact with your office or home.
• Make friends as you travel.
• Provide “local information” to find your destination.
• Communicate with friends and family during outdoor activities.
• Help law enforcement officers by reporting drunk and reckless drivers.

*Taken from the Cobra 75 WX ST instruction manual.

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